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3D & 4D Ultrasound

We offer in our practice in Heidelberg medical ultrasonics in 3D/4D. Additional to normal, two-dimensional ultrasound examinations we can see a three-dimensional presentation of your child.

This novel technique of examination allows for a plastic, natural and detailed visualisation of your child. Medical ultrasonics in 4D refer to the presentation of three-dimensional views in real-time pictures.

Better spatial representation through 3D

Via 3D ultrasound the child, particular organs or body parts can be spatially displayed. This allows for a closer pursuit of the child's development, for example through observing the facial expression or the movement of the extremities. If we see or suspect a physical anomaly via normal ultrasound examination, through 3D ultrasound we can evaluate peculiarity and treatability much better.

Furthermore scientific studies have demonstrated that the perception of the child in moving 3D-pictures has a very positive effect on the attachment to the growing foetus.

3D images have a positive effect

For the patient 3D ultrasound examinations do not differ from other ultrasound examinations.

Further information

We offer this as IGeL service. You will receive the 3D images, a high quality picture and the recording of moving images on CD as a souvenir. You can watch them on your own PC, edit them or show them to others.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in our Heidelberg practice, if you would like to have a three-dimensional presentation of your child.

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