Our health insurance benefits and additional services.

It is important to mention that the state insurance gives you a good insurance coverage - but only for what is medically necessary (the health insurance benefits). Modern medicine also offers many recommended and useful additional services (additional services IHS).

We will advise you on which additional services are specifically recommended for you.

Health Insurance Benefits

Cancer Screening

After the age of 20

Blood pressure measurement, cell smear from the vagina, palpation of the internal genitalia

After the age of 30

Additionally scanning of the breast and regional lymph nodes

After the age of 50 additionally

  • Digital examination of the rectum
  • Stool samples for occult blood in the stool

After the age of 55

Possibility to conduct preventive colonoscopy. Otherwise stool samples for occult blood in stool only every second year.

Prenatal care

  • Regular gynaecological examinations
    to the 30th week of gestation in 4-week intervals
  • Blood test
  • Urinalysis
  • Weight Management
  • Hemoglobin determination
  • Three ultrasound examinations during pregnancy:

    Between 9th and 12th week of gestation
    between 19th and 22nd week of gestation and between 29th and 32nd week of gestation
    From 30th week of gestation at 2-week intervals screening plus cardiotocography (CTG)

Additional Services (IHS­-­Individual health services)

The cost of these individual health benefits will be charged to you on the basis of fees for doctors schedule (GOÄ).

  • Vaginal Ultrasound
  • ThinPrep® Pap test
    a modern version of the Pap tests with exact analysis
  • Immunological stool test
    for improved early recognition of bowel cancer
  • HPV testing (Human papillomavirus testing)
    proof of cancer causing viruses in the early recognition of cervical cancer
  • Special laboratory tests: Hormone analysis
  • Possibilities of contraception
  • Vaccination against chronic vaginal inflammations

Additional benefits for pregnant women

Additional ultrasound